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Commencement '23 Information -- CLICK HERE --




的 美洲原住民中心 (南汽) provides support services to mgm集团美高梅:美高梅国际官网 Native American students located in Las Vegas, 所有mgm集团美高梅:美高梅国际官网分支的NM. Our 南汽 helps with everything from academic and financial aid opportunities to social interaction with clubs and organizations. 整体, 南汽 strives to enhance Native American leadership, visibility and resources for Native American students to succeed.

To promote higher education opportunities, mgm集团美高梅:美高梅国际官网 has established a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with tribal governments. 的 MOU provides a tuition waiver to increase successful completion and retention rate amongst mgm集团美高梅:美高梅国际官网 Native American students.

MOU requirements: You must be a tribal member, be a full-time student, and maintain the required GPA. Each New Mexico Indian Nation is given three tuition waivers and nominates their own students.


Through the center we 提供 student support services such as academic and peer mentor support and acts as an advocate when necessary.

Academic support includes research in financial assistance, help seeking out internship possibilities and assistance with applying for FAFSA, 奖学金或贷款.

Other services include connections to resources for tutoring, finding childcare in your area and help with exploring other resources if needed.

You can 也 use the 南汽 space for studying.

的 南汽 提供s support and guidance for our faculty and staff to promote 文化 awareness and the understanding of Native American cultures. We 也 与教师合作, staff and departments on student events, 研讨会, training and campus events. 


9 a.m. 到5点.m.
Located at Felix Martinez Rm #160





Q: How can I get a tuition waiver (MOU)?
You may contact the 南汽 or mgm集团美高梅:美高梅国际官网’s financial aid office for more information.

Q: Whom do I contact to get the waiver?
联系 your tribal education director.

Q: Does the tuition waiver cover summer courses?
的 waiver covers fall and spring semesters only.

Q: Is the Native American club only for Native students?
No, the Native American Club welcomes all mgm集团美高梅:美高梅国际官网 students; please come and join us!

Q: Where can I get information about scholarships?
A: 的 南汽 has provided a list of scholarship links at your disposal to research and apply for below.

Native American Scholarships

Scholarship application tips

  1. When researching scholarships, always be on the lookout for scholarships with your tribal education office, 社区组织, banks and academic departments.
  2. Apply to many scholarships as possible. This increases your odds of receiving one because you may not get every scholarship you apply for.
  3. Most scholarship deadlines are January – May, but be aware of deadlines. Does the scholarship have a “received by” or “postmarked by” deadline?
  4. Never give out credit card info just to apply or pay for a scholarship service.
  5. General requirements for most scholarships ask that a student have a minimum 2.5-3.0累积绩点. Keep grades up and be sure to review eligibility requirements on each scholarship application.
  6. Be sure to proofread your personal statements. If time permits, got to the writing center or have an instructor or mentor review your essay.
  7. For scholarships that require recommendation letters, give recommenders two weeks to write a recommendation after they accept. It is best to provide information on what scholarship you are applying for, your resume and a pre-paid, addressed envelope to each recommender if being mailed.
  8. 最后, present yourself in a professional manner by cleaning up your email address, taking a photo that’s not self-photographed and reviewing your social media presence because first impression is key.

Native American Scholarship Links

American Indian College Fund

American Indian Graduate Center

American Indian Education Fund

American Indian Science and Engineering Society


American Indian Society of Washington

American Meteorological Society

Association on American Indian Affairs


Bureau of Indian Education

Daughters of the American Revolution

Navajo Generating Station

Navajo Nation Scholarship


Intertribal Timber Council

Souder Miller Association



Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

Society of American Archeology