Commencement '23 信息 -- CLICK HERE --

Commencement '23 信息 -- CLICK HERE --

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Collective Bargaining Agreement
The Collective Bargaining Agreement outlines working conditions, 工作负载, 好处, grievance procedures and other faculty issues.


Contingent 教师 Handbook
The Contingent 教师 Handbook is a guide to identify program resources and expectations, and to outline responsibilities and procedures for all Highlands visiting, 保留期限, 术语, and per-course faculty.


Distance Learning Manual
The purpose of this manual is to establish and explain distance learning policies at mgm集团美高梅:美高梅国际官网. The information is organized into three sections: General 政策, 教师 政策, and Student 政策.


教师 Handbook
The 教师 Handbook outlines the academic and shared governance responsibilities of faculty, the faculty constitution, faculty senate and its committees, and personnel policies.


Graduate Student Handbook
This guide provides a summary of the graduate policies and procedures necessary as a student charts his or her progress through graduate study at New Mexico Highlands University.


Outcome Assessment Handbook
Assessment of student learning outcomes at mgm集团美高梅:美高梅国际官网 involves three distinct, but inter-related, 任务, each with different timelines and different entities responsible for oversight.


Personnel 政策 & 程序
The policies and procedures printed in this manual cover eligible New Mexico Highlands University employees with the exception of tenured and tenure-track faculty unless otherwise noted.


研究 Handbook
This handbook is designed to assist faculty, staff and students in implementing, 监控, and administering programs funded by agencies outside and within the university.


Student Handbook
The Student Handbook covers information, policies. and procedures for students.


Undergraduate Advising Manual
The purpose of the 教师 Advising Manual is to assist faculty in their advisement of students, and provide faculty with yearly-updated advising practices and policies at mgm集团美高梅:美高梅国际官网.